The best technologies of 2018

2018, much like the years before it, has been a great year for the technology scene with several advances being made. These new pieces of technology, as well as advances in the old, have made several new options available for the world to use.

While the future of technology is certainly interesting, it can often overshadow the present advances that we have made in the field and the benefits that they can give to their fields.

New upgrades to old gear

One of the biggest advances in 2018 is in 3-D printing, traditionally most people have been able to only use their 3D printers to make things out of plastic. The material has been the only limiting factor in a machine that can literally make anything. However, 3D printing is making advancements into printed metal, allowing people to print materials and parts out of metal any size, shape, or configuration. This could revolutionize the process of creation, as workers and manufactures could create gear on command for specific projects rather than using large inventories.

With more advances in how the metal can be formed, this could open up new ways of creation and manufacturing of everything from complex parts to simple metal tools.

Head in the clouds

The cloud has really risen in popularity as the place to store documents or backup files, with Microsoft and Google’s cloud services rising to the top in popularity. The cloud allows for saved photos, videos, and documents to be accessed from anywhere as long as the user is logged into their section of the cloud.

Now, these companies are enhancing the cloud with artificial technology and enabling it to learn as it goes, making the software easier to use and more in tune with what users want. With more and more businesses using the cloud, companies are making the cloud easier to connect to business software and making it cheaper to deploy.

Cleaning the environment and powering up

When natural gas is collected for energy, it is burned and releases carbon into the atmosphere that contributes to greenhouse gases. However, new methods can allow the carbon to be captured during the burning process, and safely disposed of. This would create real and clean energy, and allow the use of natural gas to its fullest extent.

The power plant captures its own carbon when the combustion happens and produces no pollution. It’s the hope that using these plants will keep the world a little cleaner while also powering it as well.

Using the new tech

Some of this technology is in production, and some is still being tested but all of it contains new possible advantages for the world and how businessmen, workers, and the average human lives in it. Imagine being able to walk into a 3D printed Skyscraper or live in a world with zero pollution, it might sound like the far future but that all happening right now.

With all the advances in 2018, it will be interesting to see how next year surpasses them.