Why I Am Buying the iPhone XR This Year

With the usual fanfare, Apple announced their latest line of smartphones. We were treated to three new devices from Apple this year. The electronics manufacturer came out with the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr. There are differences between the three phones, both in price and features.

Among the phones, I found the Xr the most intriguing and I will explain why.

Apple’s “Budget” iPhone Xr

Many rumors had circulated surrounding this phone over the past few months. People who follow such news already knew that Apple was releasing a cheaper phone that would be 6.1 inches and feature an LCD screen.

That model turned out to be the iPhone Xr. It is different from both the other models, as they feature OLED displays at a higher resolution. While those displays are a better resolution than 1080p HD, the Xr is limited to around 800p. It is still a high definition screen, but not as good as the other two.

Price Differences

The Xr is marketed as the cheaper of the three phones, coming in at $750. It is significantly less than both the Xs and the Xs Max, but it is still a steep price. It is the price that many people paid for flagship phones a few years ago.

In many ways, the Xr is a flagship. It has practically the same design as the other two phones, although it does have slightly bigger bezels on the bottom and sides. It is barely noticeable, though.

My Most Anticipated iPhone

Now, many may wonder why I am most interested in this phone. The Xs and the Xs Max are the upgrades to the iPhone X. But as someone who is coming from an older iPhone, I find that I will be getting everything that I need with the Xr.

Despite being the cheaper device, it does have the same processor as those two models. And it has 3GB of RAM, which is the same as the iPhone X. The battery life will also be the best of all the newer models, as it is only powering the 800p LCD screen.

I am someone who does not watch a lot of videos on my smartphone. I have an iPad, portable laptop and a desktop at home where I can watch such content. And if I truly want to get the best visual experience, I can even watch on my television.

The only time I may watch a video on my smartphone is when it is a short clip sent by a friend. And in those moments, I am not much concerned about whether I am viewing it in an 800p or 1080p screen!

Future Proof iPhone at a Great Price

I find the iPhone Xr the future-proof iPhone that is available at a relatively affordable price. It is not a $1000 or more. While $750 is a good amount of money, it is a phone that I can see lasting me for the next four years. The processor is blazing fast, it will get great battery life and 3GB of RAM on iOS is more than enough to multitask and keep many applications open.